Dresden Dresden
Place of departure: on request
Time of departure: 9:00
Duration: 10 hours
Tour open: 01. 01. 2019. - 31. 12. 2020.
Price per person: -
Minimum number of participants: 5


- complete transportation hotel in Prague - Dresden - hotel in Prague

- completely guided tour

- entrance fee to the Zwinger palace gallery


Why not visit one of Germany's baroque pearls among historical cities if it's only a 2 hours of comfortable ride from Prague?

Dresden's history as a full-fledged city arising from a small fishing village became in the year of 1206 when the city started to become political and cultural center of the German state of Saxony serving as a seat for many generations of Saxon Dukes and Kings who never spared any funds when it came to turning their royal residence into the center of art, architecture and music. Such efforts culminated in the 19th century, thus giving birth to many important monuments including the Zwinger and Albertinum galleries, the Hofkirche and Frauenkirche churches or the Semper Opera house.

Although a bigger part of Dresden was turned to ashes after a numerous air raids during the Second World War, thanks to a great effort of local citizens, the historical center of the city has been fully restored up to the present day.

During the trip, besides a completely guided excursion through the historical part of the city, you will also visit the famous Zwinger gallery where among others the famous Madonna Sistina of Rafael can be found.

Needles to say, one of the most charming period to visit Dresden is the Christmas and New Year time with its numerous markets and unforgettable atmosphere.



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